Problems with KMDF v1.11 KB2685811 and KB2864202 and ICE RRS feed

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  • I have been building and testing WES7 with our application. Things worked smoothly enough with the unpatched images I made and our application and PCIe driver. I then created a new image with patches. They were downloaded with WEDU and added to the answer file using the Add Applicable Updates function. When I tried to install the image, it would crash and bluescreen. Trying a few more times, I noticed that the STOP code was different every time. After a lot of effort and pouring through the logs, I found out these two updates were interacting with our driver in a very negative fashion. Having either one or both will crash the installation, and even if it does manage to finish installation, any time our application attempts to communicate with our driver, it crashes.

    The interesting thing is that these updates can be installed after the fact with WUSA to the live running system and everything will be fine, so long as KB2864202 is installed first. The driver works, the application works, the files updated by the patches have the new version numbers.

    You might think installing just KB2864202 during the original install with the answer file would work, but it does not. Still crashes. I tried keeping the two updates in the answer file, but removing our driver which allowed WES7 to install without error. I can then install our driver to the running system. But then when anything attempts to use the driver, the system crashes.

    Any ideas of why installing the updates to a running system works, but crashes and burns if done with the rest of the updates during initial installation?

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