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    My name is Patrick and I work for a game company that develops and publishes game apps for Android and iOS. We recently learned of Google Play Games Services and how its technology can be used cross-platform. Some example features are shared leaderboards, multiplayer, and cloud backup of save data. Potentially, an app with Google Play Games Services could be played on an Android device, then continued on an iOS device or in a web browser.

    My question to everyone is this: has anyone heard anything about this service going cross-platform with Windows Store apps? I have heard that the service will work with regular downloadable games/programs, but I have not currently heard anything about Windows Store apps. We have not yet developed anything for the Windows Store (with the tile interface, etc.), but are certainly planning to with some of our upcoming games. We'd love to have our game work across all platforms and share save data so you can play anywhere and on any device. If anyone has any insights to this, I'd love to hear it! In particular, would Google Play Games Services somehow violate any Windows Store app developer agreement?

    Thank you in advance!

    Thursday, June 27, 2013 10:52 PM