bulk load to 'build' a database from an Excell spreadsheet RRS feed

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  • The plan is to build, fill a SQL 2008 R2 database from an Excell spreadsheet. The Excell 'connection to the database' confirms that 'there is a object there.

    The principal question is about the data in the spreadsheet, defining the content in each column (ie., text, numeric data, date).

    One consideration is the date and that format the date 'needs to be in' if some application to search a date range is required or to compare a date, search from one date to another and so on.

    Another consideration is that in one field in this 58,000+ rows (lines) of data, with each row having 'n' number of fields , one these 'fields' will be a web link with this link with the <a> tag, maybe even a graphic image for this <a> tag (this to be inserted at a later date).

    Simply saying, the Excel Spreadsheed will be used to organize the data prior to dropping the data into the database.

    One, maybe important question is to ask, what initial steps are necessare to 'prep the database' prior to the mass transfer of data into the database?

    Just name a database, grant the Excel Spreadsheet access under Windows authentication.

    Both the SQL database and the Excell spreadsheet will reside local, on my laptop.

    Thursday, September 9, 2010 7:37 PM