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    General discussion

  • Welcome to the Popfly Game Creator user forum.  If you’re new to Popfly Game creator, or have a question you think may already be answered, check out the Popfly wiki help here:  http://www.popflywiki.com/GameCreatorMain.ashx.  The wiki has many “How To” items, as well as video help for using the Popfly Game Creator.  If your question still isn’t answered, these forums are a good source for help.  You can also start a thread to make a feature request, bug report, or you can share your creations with others through the "List your games (for others to check out) here" sticky thread.


    Remember, Popfly Game Creator is currently in the alpha stage of development which means there are still lots of features coming and you’ll probably run into bugs.  Remember to save your projects frequently and make use of the “Save As” feature to save backup copies along the way.  If things are behaving strangely, keep an eye on iexplorer.exe (Internet Explorer) or firefox.exe (Firefox) in task manager and restart your browser when the memory usage gets too high (“too high” depends on how much memory you have, but a good rule of thumb, even if you have lots, is that it’s time to save and restart your browser any time you get above 500 MB or so from IE or Firefox).  If you come across a sequence of action that consistently eats up memory without dropping usage again, be sure to let us know so we can fix the leak!


    Thanks for stopping by and have fun creating games!

    Friday, May 16, 2008 12:35 AM