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  • What's the downside to creating multiple storage accounts vs. using Blob delineation?

    I'm converting my portfolio/photography/entertainment site to Azure.  I have nearly 100,000 images and video files and I'm trying to determine the best way to organize my data.  I've been testing things out all week and I'm just not sure what approach is best.

    I currently use a SQL table as a basic lookup page for Gallery names and GalleryIDs.  The GalleryID records correspond to physical directories on the webserver with the same name.  This is an example URL from my current site.  


    Gallery: Elton John
    GalleryID: 412
    URL: http://88mileswest.com/ImageVault/412/Elton John-20140312-0017.jpg

    Gallery: KISS
    GalleryID: 296
    URL: http://88mileswest.com/ImageVault/296/KISS-20121005-0036.jpg

    One of the problems that I've run into is that I need a way to group or contain my containers.  I need to store more than just one type of media.  Basically I have parent folders that contain identical subdirectory names.  


    • ImageVault/296
    • VideoVault/296
    • AudioVault/296

    Should I use multiple storage accounts?

    This seems like the smartest choice.  I can assign a subdomain for each media type. 

    Container: 296
    Blob: KISS-20121005-0036.jpg


    Should I go with Blob delineation?

    For some reason I get a "dirty code" feeling in my gut with this.  Feels like a workaround.  I'm not sure I'd be able to use the subdomains either.

    Container: Images
    Blob: 296/KISS-20121005-0036.jpg


    Should I stick with SQL?

    Maybe simple is best.  Create Containers based on media type and store the blob details in SQL. 


    Any ideas would be appreciated
    David Block

    Thursday, September 11, 2014 11:20 PM