LINQ to DataSet with multiple inner joins


  • I have been tasked with moving a desktop app to a more portable platform.  The desktop app looks at several tables on a SQL server. The tables are small, and I have them in datatables in memory now (they will not be updated unless the program is).  Next, I need to query them to get the same results as the desktop app.  The following is a paired down version of the desktop query:

    DECLARE @DecFluidFlow DECIMAL, @sideOfBodyCondition BIT
    SET @DecFluidFlow = 250.1
    SET @sideOfBodyCondition = 1
    		 S.ModelNumber AS ModelNumber, S.IsStandardProduct AS IsStandardProduct, S.ImageName AS ImageName, S.DatasheetUrl AS DatasheetUrl
    		,SP.FluidFlow AS FluidFlow, SP.PressureDrop AS PressureDrop, 
    	FROM vw_Stilts AS S
    		SELECT SP.*
    		FROM   StiltPerformances AS SP
    		INNER JOIN (
                SELECT StiltDimensionId ,MIN(ABS(@DecFluidFlow - FluidFlow)) AS TargetFluidFlowDelta
                FROM   StiltPerformances
                WHERE  [Include] != 0  
    			  AND  ((@sideOfBodyCondition = 1 AND FluidFlow >= 0) OR (@sideOfBodyCondition = 0 AND FluidFlow <= 0))
                GROUP BY StiltDimensionId
            ) AS SQ ON (SP.StiltDimensionId = SQ.StiltDimensionId AND ABS(@DecFluidFlow - SP.FluidFlow) = SQ.TargetFluidFlowDelta )
        WHERE [Include] != 0 
     	  AND ((@sideOfBodyCondition = 1 AND SP.FluidFlow >= 0) OR (@sideOfBodyCondition = 0 AND SP.FluidFlow <= 0))) AS SP ON S.StiltDimensionId = SP.StiltDimensionId
    WHERE [Length] > 0 
      AND S.ManufacturerId = 1

    I have been looking at this for several days trying to wrap my apparently feeble brain around it.  I started with trying to get the inner most join, and I came up with this:

    SPs = from StiltPerformance in StiltPerformances.AsEnumerable()
             where StiltPerformance["Include"].ToString() == "1" && int.Parse(StiltPerformance["FluidFlow"].ToString()) >= 0
             join sp in StiltPerformances.AsEnumerable() on StiltPerformance["Id"] equals sp["Id"]
             select StiltPerformance;

    I am not even sure I got this correct.  These join translations are blowing my mind...  Any help in getting me pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Tuesday, July 16, 2013 8:27 PM


  • Hi Opus,

    It is not very easy to translate this SQL statement to LINQ without debugging.

    I write part of the inner most join with group statement. Hope it may be a little helpful.

    from sp in StiltPerformances
    join sq in 
    		from sp1 in StiltPerformances
    		where sp1[Include] != 0 && ( (sideOfBodyCondition == 1 && sp1[FluidFlow] >= 0) ||
    								(sideOfBodyCondition == 0 && sp1[FluidFlow] <= 0) )
    		group sp1 by sp1[StiltDimensionId]
    		into g
    		select new {g.Key, TargetFluidFlowDelta = g.Average(sp2 => DecFluidFlow - sp2[FluidFlow])}
    on sp[StiltDimensionId] equals sq[StiltDimensionId]
    Best regards,

    Chester Hong
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    Friday, July 19, 2013 10:00 AM