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         Recently I discovered that the Microsoft Windows Error Reporting program is open to all developers free of charge if two requirements (more or less were met).  The first requirement was that upon signing up for the program, the candidate company must send a unique Verisign certificate that represent's their organization's identity (about $100).  The second requirement was that the application to be submitted to Microsoft for WER must also have a Microsoft Authenticode signature also provided by Verisign (for about $400).  My only question that I have is whether I could go with some other signing authority who participates in the Authenticode code signing program (Thawte for instance), and still participate in the Windows Error Reporting program as well as other Microsoft programs (such as certified for Vista)?


    James Simpson

    Straightway Technologies Inc.

    Wednesday, January 3, 2007 10:59 PM



    Per the WER team:

    ISVs and individual developers can use Windows Error Reporting services without a charge from Microsoft (Free).  It is true that there are costs in establishing an account though but some of the information [you outlined above is not quite accurate].

    Here is the process…



    1.        Establish an account on http://Winqual.Microsoft.com  (there are links from the home page under the sign-in control)

    a.       This creates a company account based on a Class 3 VeriSign certificate.  You can use a VeriSign Authenticode certificate ($399) or the new VeriSign Organizational Cert ($99)

    b.      Create your user account under the company (just part of the wizard for establishing a company account.  The one who establishes the Company account becomes a Winqual Admin for their company and can provision roles of additional users for the services in Winqual such as Windows Error Reporting)

    c.       Have your company users who wish to use the Winqual Services create a user account.

    2.       Sign the WER DataSharing TOU

    a.       This is an online ‘click-through’ agreement

    b.      The ability to sign an agreement on Winqual requires that the user have the ‘Sign legal Agreement’ role provided by the ‘Admin’ in Winqual for that company (…and yes, there can be more than one Admin provisioned)

    c.       Once this agreement is signed, the WER application in Winqual becomes accessible instantly

    3.       Go into the WER Application and follow the prompt at the top to Map your products

    a.       Your files do not need to be code signed, but it is a general good practice

    b.      We have a downloadable tool available that will scan the PE files for the product and create an XML mapping file which can be uploaded and processed

    c.       It takes about 12 hours to process an XML mapping file and provide aggregate and time trending data (up to 6 months historic data).  Our Processing jobs are batch and run at 1am and 2pm PST and usually take about 2 hours to complete.

    4.       Fix your top crashing failures (we provide hotlists and entire eventlists and you can download the crashdumps for local debugging) and cerate responses

    a.       Responses will point users who crash an a product that has a new release (with fixes hopefully) to get the new and more reliable version (just like we do at Microsoft)


    WER Software services help can be found at https://winqual.microsoft.com/help/default.htm#DP_SoftwareHome.htm and mapping tool help is nested at this link… https://winqual.microsoft.com/help/default.htm#dp_appmap.htm.

    The mapping tool is a free download from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=4333e2a2-5ea6-4878-bbe5-60c3dbabc170&DisplayLang=en. You can also use a keyword search at the download center of ‘WER software’.

    -brenda (ISV Buddy Team)

    Tuesday, January 9, 2007 6:23 PM