Developing games using Monogame on Windows Phone 8.1 (Visual Studio 2013).


  • Hello. I'm a begginer (no previous game development experience) and I planning to start developing simple 2D games on Windows Phone 8.1. I spent over 1 week for searching tools and tutorials to start developing. I have found MonoGame, it seems very pleasing for me, but ... as i've seen MonoGame needs XNA (deprecated) to work properly. I tried to install XNA, but didn't work on Visual Studio 2013.

    What can i do to get this work?

    I managed to get a sprite resource in .xnb format, added it in 'Content' folder, added the base code to display the sprite, but all that i got was a blank black screen, no sprite anywhere. Why it didn't work?

    Thanks! :)

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