FTP adapter fails when using temp directory settings RRS feed

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    When I began using the "temp directory" setting on a sendport I ran into some problems.


    Im sending messages with a FTP adapter and a "flatfile" pipeline. Some will go through and some not. When I resend the messages they goes through to FTP server. I´ll get the "The root element is missing" errormessage but in this case it must be misleading.


    I have no "validate" step in my pipeline, just disassembling. The sendport  have "Ordered Delivery" configured.


    "Root element is missing" is in my world often a problem with the xmlfile structure. often with namespace or element naming errors.


    Can the problem be before the disassemble stage in the sendport? when its still xml. And why is it working when im resending?


    Has anyone had any similar problems?



    Monday, January 7, 2008 3:00 PM


  • Hi Kristofer,


    Your post is from a few months ago; are you still having problems?


    What version of BizTalk are you using?  Does the problem occur when you're not using a temp folder?  Temp folders offer better error recovery for slow connections and large files.  If you're not dealing with both of these, then you shouldn't need to use temp folders. 




    Thursday, March 27, 2008 6:32 PM