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  • I'm not sure if this is completely on topic but this is the best place i have found to express my views so far.


    I do a lot of audio recording, mixing and processing using Steinberg's Cubase SX 3. I also do a lot of midi sequencing work in the program. I am always on the search for more performance because i am always running out of CPU power and this is especially true for low latency real time sequencing.

    What i want to know is what approach Vista will have with the digital audio industry? does it aim to make improvements to the way audio and midi is processed or how it is supported in digital audio workstations?

    Windows xp has been a good base for DAWs but in my mind it has had some shortcoming as well. Midi timing can be notciably loose during heavy CPU usage and CPU usage can double when the buffer is dropped from 1024samples to 64samples. Of course this could be up to the software programmers or the sound card drivers or the hardware i am using. However, i have seen a lot of software and hardware tested which produce very similar trend in performance and not much improvement on the situation.

    I took the liberty of trying out Vista the other day. I installed cubase and my soundcard drivers fine. I must state at this point that Cubase and my soundcard were never desinged for Vista and it is a beta so what i am about to say lacks base and is probably quite obvious but the performance was worse than XP.

    So the point i am trying to make is where do i go from here. Do i wait for new drivers for my hardware? Is it upto steinberg to support Vista? Should the performance be better but i'm just experiencing a bug?

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    Wednesday, September 6, 2006 9:25 PM