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  • I am trying to test an app I've created with Qt in Windows 8.1. And created deployable binary based on Qt Docs.  I've followed how to create package manifest on Windows Dev site, and created appx package using below command.
    MakeAppx.exe  pack /d C:/Users/user1/Documents/MyApp_Win-Sep-27-2014 /p C:/Users/user1/Documents/MyApp.appx

    Then I've self signed the package using SignTool.exe and these commands.


    MakeCert /n CN=myComp,O=myComp,L=miami,S=florida,C=us /r /h 0 /eku "," /e  10/13/2014 /sv vKey.pvk vKey.cer -r   

    Pvk2Pfx /pvk vKey.pvk /pi 123 /spc vKey.cer /pfx vKey.pfx /po 123   

    SignTool sign /a /v /fd SHA256 /f vKey.pfx /p 123 C:/Users/user1/Documents/MyApp.appx   

    Certutil -addStore TrustedPeople vKey.cer

     But when I try to start my app, it just shows the splash screen only and nothing else.

    Also. here is my AppManifest.xml, which I've created manually I'm not sure what should I specify for Entry Point in this.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 

          <Package xmlns="">

              <Identity Name="myComp.vsoft.MyAppV1"


    Publisher="CN=myComp, O=myComp, L=miami, S=florida, C=us" />











                <Resource Language="en-us" />



                <Application Id="MyAppV1" Executable="MyApp-V1.exe" EntryPoint="MyApp-V1.App">

                  <VisualElements DisplayName="MyApp" Description=" My First App"

                       Logo="logo.png" SmallLogo="logo.png"

                        ForegroundText="dark" BackgroundColor="#FFFFFF">

                     <SplashScreen Image="logo.png" />





              <Capability Name="internetClient"/>

              <Capability Name="musicLibrary"/>

              <Capability Name="videosLibrary"/>

             <DeviceCapability Name="microphone"/>

              <DeviceCapability Name="webcam"/>



    Tuesday, September 30, 2014 6:00 AM

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