How a deployed WCF service in Windows Azure with "Connected" Point-to-Site VPN can Communicate/Access a local Intranet ? RRS feed

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  • Hi Forum,

    I know that the title of my post is related to Windows Azure, However, Please note that the major question (About the problem which am encountering) is about WCF. That's why I beg you please to proceed reading my post till the end and read the error message that am getting, Because it might sound familiar to you. 

    My client has a public-facing Internet website (, and a local Intranet ( However, The two sites are completely separated. 

    My client requested us to implement a specific functionality (WCF Service), and this service is actually supposed to communicate with both sites: their Internet and their Intranet, and perform some operations.

    We have created the functionality (The WCF Service) and deployed it in Windows Azure, and its URL is: ( So, We, deployed the WCF service as a windows azure cloud service, 

    The functionality (The WCF Service) is working perfectly with their Internet website, simply because all the URLs are public and accessible.

    However, I am unable to connect our Azure WCF Service with the client's local Intranet.

    I have learnt about Windows Azure Virtual Network, and in theory it is supposed to be the solution for my case because it is supposed to securely connect my cloud infrastructure to my on-premise datacenter and the build cloud application hosted in a hybrid environment. 

    I have successfully created and configured correctly a Point-to-Site VPN, and YES, The "Connected" icon is showing up in the network area of my machine.

    Nevertheless, Even though that the Point-to-Site VPN is "Connected", But, Everytime our Azure WCF Service ( tries accessing any local site's URL e.g. (, I get the error message: "The remote name could not be resolved".

    Any idea how to fix this issue ?

    Therefore, Could you please help me out and tell me how can I make my WCF Service which is currently deployed in Windows Azure in the cloud communicate (Access and perform operation) in the local Intranet ?

    I would greatly appreciate your inputs !

    Friday, August 30, 2013 6:39 AM


  • Hi Asker2012,

    So you have a intranet wcf/web service which need to be consumed from external internet (windows azure cloud service) hoste web app, correct?

    If so, there are various options. For the VPN, do you mean the Windows Azure virtual Network? If so, it might require that your caller machine and callee machines are both joined in the same windows azure virtual network, otherwise, they will not be able to directly communicate with each other. You can check to see if this is matched.

    #Windows Azure Virtual Network Overview

    For WCF service, Windows Azure provides "Service bus" feature which allows us to expose a intranet WCF service (behind NAT) to external internet. So might be you can also considering using Service bus to expose your intranet service to be callable from internet clients.

    #Windows Azure Service Bus

    MSDN Community Support

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    Monday, September 2, 2013 11:11 AM