Need to understand Parameter behavior in SSDT model RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    Lets say I have TABLE A which has a column with date as 5/5/2018 currently.

    And I have a FACT F1 which can have data beyond this date. 

    So I want to keep only those records where the FACT.Date <= 5/5/2018

    The date in TABLE A can change every week on saturday. 

    So once the date is changed, the want the fact to keep records until the  5/12/2018

    This is dynamic.

    So I have to create a parameter which can hold the date of TABLE A. And I can filter the FACT F1 based on this parameter.

    So my question is where do I create a parameter so that same parameter can be reused for 3-4 facts I have in the model. 

    I am not very clear on the behavior and did not find anything specific in the documentation. I want to create query based parameter.

    What is Current Value here in the below screenshot.

    Any other suggestion to implement this scenario.

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