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  • I was going through the Custom Xml structure present after unzipping a PowerPivot enabled excel file.
    My main motive is to extract information pertaining to PowerPivot options present in the Excel File.
    It had around 16- 19 Custom Xmls, I had a little confusion and it would be great if you could help me on this :

    1. In the workbook.xml.rels file, there is entry for each Cutomxml file. For ex. –
    But according to my interpretation, each of these entries must be referenced also. What i mean is that the specific Rel ID i.e. rId30 (for the above entry) must be referred somewhere in the package that is why it is mentioned in the Workbook.xml.rels.
    But i couldn’t find it anywhere. So how does Excel does all the mapping that which Custom XML is referred to?

    2. I found out that for each table in the PowerPivot window, there is a Custom XML present in the Custom XML’s folder.
    But, there are other field also present such as ‘ColumnFormat’, ‘ColumnNegativePattern’, but these are not getting updated whenever I am changing these for any table.
    I can get the Column names of the table but how can i find out what Format has been applied to the Column of the tables.

    3. Moreover, I found a bunch of Custom XML’s but couldn’t really make sense out of them that what they were pointing to.
    For ex. – CustomXml with namespace – Gemini xmlns=”http://gemini/pivotcustomization/a1265ca3-5c9c-4281-be48-a1a026385b0a”
    or “Gemini xmlns=”http://gemini/pivotcustomization/IsSandboxEmbedded””
    It would be highly beneficial if you can help with these namespaces and their interpretation.

    4. I understand that majority information is present in the database i.e. Item.data file and also in the Temp folders when the file is opened.
    I got through some files present in the Temp Folder and could get my hands on information about Column Format, Formula in case of Calculated Columns. But how do I find out the exact path for the Temp folder every time I open the file.
    I could find some paths in the Item.data file in the BackUpFile nodes but those didn’t exist.
    So is there is any way by which I can get those paths.

    Sorry if the query is a little long, but I am actually stuck with the above questions acting as bottleneck.

    Thanks a lot!!

    Sahil Puri

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014 5:09 AM

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