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  • Good morning, I've been struggling for a few days now with FSLogix. We have a new Azure Multi-Session Windows 10 1909 image that seems to work fine when using profiles by themselves just on this host however when I migrate my GPO to another physical desktop things stop working as expected. 

    First - If I'm using VHD Locations for the GPO instead of CCDLocations then everything appears to work correctly however we force cached outlook profiles for 3 months through an O365 GPO. When opening up the second desktop with Outlook we get an error that the OST is old. I decided to configured the Office container group and then push out multiple sessions (3) causes a lot of bloat on our system.

    I then moved to CCDLocations hoping to use some of the redundancies in the event our branch locations lose connectivity back to the file server and this is where things get really hectic. When I sign in with an Azure desktop it loads if it's the first machine and now is recreating the profile on the second load if I have a physical desktop take over the R/W file. 

    Has anyone been able to share a profile between physical and virtual workstations for concurrent use with success? We currently use roaming profiles with app redirection (local app data is redirected back to not cause issues) for all of our users. Some users will need to login to 3 machines+ at a time to roam around our environment servicing customers. 

    I was hoping to roll out this solution to get rid of the roaming profiles but I'm just not getting warm and fuzzy feelings based on a ton of testing I've done and noting what happens. Again CCDLocations seems to be the worst when being setup. I'm hoping someone can answer the following questions to help ease my burden here! :) 

    Currently running version 2.9.7237.48865 of FSLogix.
    SMB Share to the profiles running on Windows 2019 Server.
    Antivirus is not installed on the machines.

    Hoping someone can help answer the following questions....

    1) Is it possible to share profiles between AZURE Win10 1909 and physical devices such as laptops and desktops? 

    2) Should Azure just use VHD Locations..I don't like syncing so much user related data to c:\FSLOGIX\etc...for a hosted service.

    3) If it's possible to share profiles between Azure W10 Multi Session and Desktops, can we use CCDLocations in one GPO (Desktops/Laptops) while setting up an identical GPO copy and changing CCDLocation to use VHDLocations for Azure?

    4) If it's not possible to share does it make more sense to redirect a profile for Azure and one for Desktop/Laptops and then share a location for Office Roaming?

    4) Is there something else I'm missing here on why my profiles sometimes sync and sometimes don't and further get really wonky when using CCDLocations instead of VHDLocations?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Tuesday, May 12, 2020 5:28 PM

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