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  • Hi There,

     I have a problem accessing my FBA enabled web application from any other machine other than the server that has hosted the webapplciation. Mine is a single server environment where in I have sql server, sharepoint 2010 and project server all on the same machine. I have configured a web application with FBA following the article from sharepoint chick webpage and my web applicaiton works as expected with both forms and windows authentication fine on the server. But when I try to access this website from any other machine, it gives me the error

    Exception Details:

    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The Web application at http://servername:43411/sites/webapp1 could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application.

     I can access my central admin website from any machine just fine, but not my fba enabled web application. Please advise!



    Tuesday, June 21, 2011 11:28 PM

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  • Hi,

    did you try it with other web applications on the same server which are not configured in claims? Do they work?

    To me it sounds like a Firewall issue. Double check if you can access the ports over HTTP (in your case 43411) from machines outside your server.




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    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 4:09 AM
  • That sounds like simple networking to me.  If your external machine cannot see that location, then it must not be able to resolve that server:port.  YOu need to figure out exactly why.  Also, you should be using a host header, not servername:port.

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    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 4:44 AM
  • HI Clayton and Patrick,

    Thanks a lot for your response!

    As I mentioned I can access the sharepoint central admin URL just fine outside the server from any machine even from a different domain like this:

    http://servername.domain.com:portnumber/  just fine. The domain of the sharepoint server and our intranet is different. This is on dmz. Our intranet is in ABC domain and this server is XYZ domain. When I try from ABC domain machine to acccess the XYZ sharepoint domain server, I can access it like http://servername.xyz.com:portnumber and this asks for windows login and I enter xyz/admin and password and it works fine even with the port number. (ABC and XYZ are not the actual names, just examples, but that how my current set up is.)

    Its only for the FBA enabled web application that it is not able to work fine. For my FBA enabled web app the URL is

    http://servername.xyz.com:portnumber/sites/snsweb It doesnot even ask me to choose the authentication type like windows or forms. It just displays an error when I try accessing from any other machine other than the server where I have this web applicaiton set up.

    Clayton, specifying the host header is as simple as specifying an URL in the host header field of the webapp settings  is it? Can I specify any name here or should it be related to the servername or anything like that? for ex if my servername where sharepoint is hosted is kdeuswebap1 and my web app name is snsweb, should I specify kdeuswebap1.snsweb.domain.com in the host header field or any name like snsweb.com is fine?

    What is the difference between public URL and hostheader?

    On IIS the different authentications enabled are as below

    central admin

    anonymous -disabled, asp.net impersonation: enabled, basic disable -http401 challenge, digest disables http 401 challenge, forms disabled http 302 login/redirect , windows enabled http 401 challenge

    FBA enabled web application

    anonymous -enabled, asp.net impersonation: enabled, basic disable -http401 challenge, disables http 401 challenge, forms enabled http 302 login/redirect , windows enabled http 401 challenge

    I want only my FBA enabled webapp to be using dual authentication, my central admin should use only windows authentication and that is how it is working as expected.

    Can you please advise?


    I am going to try creating another webapp with calssic mode authentication and try accessing it and let you know. I am creating a backup copy of my server image, just incase if something goes wrong, I can bring up the server back. I will let you know once I try that.

    Thanks a lot for your help!




    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 5:04 PM
  • Hi Patrick,

    I tried creating a classic  mode web application and accessing it from other machine and I was able to access it just fine.

    I think it is something to do with the FBA. I followed http://www.sharepointchick.com/archive/2010/05/07/configuring-claims-and-forms-based-authentication-for-use-with-a.aspx article for setting up my forms authentication.

    The error that I am getting when accessing the FBA frmo other machine is

    server error in '/' application

    Source Error:

    An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

    Stack Trace:

    [FileNotFoundException: The Web application at http://servername.sns.com:43411/sites/snsweb could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application.]
      Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite..ctor(SPFarm farm, Uri requestUri, Boolean contextSite, SPUserToken userToken) +27680429
      Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite..ctor(String requestUrl) +110
      Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.Pages.IdentityModelSignInPageBase.SetThreadCultureFromRequestedWeb() +64
      System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer) +143
      System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +1477

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 7:16 PM
  • Hi Patrick/ Clayton,

    I think the page that it is not able to goto is http://servername.domain.com:portnumber/_login/default.aspx

    On the server as soon as I type type the FBA enables web app as http://servername:portnumber, it automatically redirects to http://servername.domain.com:portnumber/_login/default.aspx where as on any other machine outside the server if I try to access it doesnot even show this URL on the addressbar, I think it is unable to find _login/default.aspx. I even tried directly entering http://servername.domain.com:portnumber/_login/default.aspx in my address bar on the other machine outside the server, but it is unable to go to that page. I get a filenotfound exception.

    I dunno if this helps to understand my problem, so I posted it. Please help!



    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 9:05 PM
  • Hi Team,

    I have trying to implement FBA with Claimed based Authentication for my web application in Sharepoint 2010.

    I have referred link, http://www.sharepointchick.com/archive/2010/05/07/configuring-claims-and-forms-based-authentication-for-use-with-a.aspx for implementing FBA.

    I did everything step by step mentioned in the above link.

    But I am getting error HTTP 404 Web Page not found error.

    I have checked all other web application which are hosted on the same Sharepoint server. They are running perfectly fine.

    I tried to rest IIS and Application Pool for my web application but no luck.

    Can you please help me resolve this issue? You kind support is needed.

    Thanks in advance,






    Regards, - Swati
    Thursday, December 29, 2011 5:55 AM
  • Wow, 7 months and no reply... I guess they aren't interested in helping anyone resolve this issue as I too have recieved the _login/default.aspx cannot be found after following instructions to a tee... did a search for this folder and file combination and it is no where to be found on the server... this is a single server lab test to see what it is going to take to set SSO with SharePoint... not going so well presently and cutoff support like this is not helpful... anybody out there?


    Monday, July 16, 2012 7:33 PM
  • I was attempting to set up an extranet using SharePoint 2010. Within my test environment, I am able to connect using windows authentication. My client wants a custom login page, so I set up FBA with an ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider and everything worked perfectly I thought. When going to my site, I was prompted to choose which authentication mode I'd like to use and was able to successfully log in using FBA. Unfortunately, when accessing the same site form my laptop using the IP address I receive the "The Web application at could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application." error. I am able to get rid of the error by turning off FBA, though then I'm back at square 1 in terms of creating a custom login page. Did you find a solution for this yet?

    Friday, August 3, 2012 8:17 PM