Debugging JavaScript in MSIE7 RRS feed

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  • I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times before but I havn't found an answer via the search on this site/bing or google

    I am a web developer and have recently been assigned the task of making a piece of software work for MSIE 7+

    I have a javascript error, somewhere, and want to know where, what I am after basically, is firebug from FF for MSIE, but with better response/functionality than FireBug Lite.

    I have read around that Microsoft Script Editor is the weapon of choice for most developers and that i should install with office. My company has recently joined up to the MS partnership program, so have installed office enterprise 2007, but MSE7.exe doesnt appear to get installed like everywhere says.

    So what I am askign really is, is this really the ebst debug tool out there or is there something else. I dont like the MS Script Debugger, as I find it hard to use and not very fucntional. If there is a better add-in or something for MSIE (i am using 7 atm) what is it and where can i get it from?

    Thanks in advance!

    Monday, August 3, 2009 10:58 AM