Is QT in linux as powerfull as C#? RRS feed

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  • hi guys let me know Is QT in linux as powerfull as C#?
    what are the purposes of QT?and compare it with c#

    Thursday, March 6, 2008 9:47 AM


  • As this forum is for architecture-level discussions, I'll try to provide my thoughts on that landscape


    The answer about which one is better couldn't be unique as you must put your original need upfront


    Let's start by understanding that the primary goal of Qt is a cross-platform rich client development framework. It's extensions are likely to said that are based on C++ language


    C#, instead of that, is a programming language complemented with the .NET framework base class library


    That said, answering your question is equivalent to answer "Are, compounded, C++ and the Qt framework on Linux better than C# plus .NET platform?"


    So here I need to ask you, what are you needing to create? Is it a desktop application or a server one? If the later, possibly core Qt features will stay unused


    If it is a desktop one, are you focusing on adding value to the GUI? Possibly Qt may fight better in this battleground although you should nowadays take a look to Windows Presentation Foundation API, incorporated to .NET last year, when the version 3.0 was released. WPF is a high impact quality (as an example take a look to the Architecture Journal Reader released some months ago)


    From the developers perspective, coding in C++ isn't today as appealing like doing it in C#. C# has been incorporating new grammatical construct to augment the expressive power of C++-like languages (LINQ, lambda notations, and many others)


    Also, consider that .NET is a managed environment so you don't need to deal with type checking, memory management, security issues, etc, as at last instance will be the environment the one that will take care about that (not a minor thing when programs don't do what they are expected to)


    Still you may take advantage of the benefits of Qt on Linux complemented with the Mono project so you may take the best of both worlds

    Thursday, April 3, 2008 8:23 PM