Run Target Control Command Programtically for "WINEC7" in platform builder RRS feed

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    In am trying to automate testing WinEC7 and In order to Run Target Control Command Programtically .
    I have tried to use, 
    Class :- "CCeSystemDiagnostics" from Interop.Microsoft.PlatformBuilder.Diagnostics which I copied from(found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform Builder\6.00\cepb\IdeVS from a WinCE6 machine)
    // Get the debugger object model
    CCeSystemDiagnostics diagnostics = CCeSystemDiagnostics)dte.GetObject("Yamazaki-OM");
    The returened object from dte.GetObject("Yamazaki-OM") cannot be typecasted to CCeSystemDiagnostics .
    I KNOW the fact that this.dll mentioned is not present at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform Builder\7.00\cepb\IdeVS for WinEC7 and I am looking for an alternate solution to run Target Control Command programatically.


    Wednesday, July 13, 2011 8:02 AM