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  • It would be really cool, if you could make the treeview in "classic mode" persistent over page loads. Make it remember all the expanded nodes.
    So it would work much like the old offline MSDN viewer. Including the "sync toc" button.

    The reason / An example:

    When I am developing a printer driver, then I will be looking at documentation in the WDK sections for printer drivers, but to understand the interaction with the application, I also need to look at documentation in the GDI section of the Platform SDK. And I would often switch between them.

    Now in the current version of the treeview, when I go from a topic in one section to a topic in another section, the tree is collapsed and only the new section is expanded. So now when I want to switch back, I have to go "expand, expand, expand,..." to get the old topic again (or open a search window)

    I think for a developer, it is important to be able to switch easily and fast between several topics, even if they are in completely different sections.

    I currently still use a way to many years old "offline" MSDN library, because it is sooooo much faster to work with. The speed out-weights the up-to-dateness. But I really miss the cool stuff from the online version, like user comments, tags...

    Wednesday, November 30, 2011 8:43 AM