Building for a first time DW(for HR) , searching the right way to do it. RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I'm started to build a DW for HR in my company(6 Dimensions was created by me with SSIS 2012 like DimEmployee/DimPosition/DimDate/ and more... , still thinking how to approach to first Fact table), there is no specific requirements it means , I can build for a first time what ever I want, I'm just leading the flow. And right now I'm a little stuck, I'm watching a lot of videos and reading a books, but as more I reading as more question I have:

    - What the simplest way to use data from DW in reports ( and what reports, now I'm trying to build a simple SSRS/Excel )

    - Does it the right flow for a data: PROD -> ETL/SSIS -> Staging Area -> ETL/SSIS -> DW ->  SSAS -> SSRS ?

    - Can I connect from SSAS to SSRS and use cubes that i created in SSAS ?

    - How to use data from Fact tables(just an example) ?

    - Where I can find examples for how the fact tables populated from AdvenchureWork to AdvenchureWorkDW with SSIS ?

    - Where I can find simple example for the flow from the start to the end ? (AdvenchureWork->AdvenchureWorkDW->SSAS->SSRS->User Interface, something like that) ?

    - User Interface , where to start ?

    Thank you very much


    Wednesday, March 19, 2014 1:39 PM