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    I'm in the process of migrating an Exchange 2003 domain to Office 365 and following the steps provided by the Office 365 team I've hit a problem with one mailbox when running a script which disables/disconnects the on-premise mailbox and converts the user to a mail-enabled user.

    I asked the question here ( but was told that this might be a better forum to answer the question.

    The script which Office 365 provided failed the first time it ran so when it re-ran the first user in the batch was skipped and has not been mail-enabled.  When I try to re-run the script (I've commented out the command to delete the mailbox as that has already been done) it fails with the error above when the user object is mail-enabled.

    	'Mail Enable the User
    	WScript.Echo "Opening " & userADSIPath & " as CDOEXM::IMailRecipient"
    	Set MailUser = MyUser
    	WScript.Echo "Mail Enabling user using targetAddress " & User.CloudEmailAddress
    	MailUser.MailEnable User.CloudEmailAddress
    	WScript.Echo "Disabling Recipient Update Service for user"
    	MyUser.PutEx ADS_PROPERTY_APPEND, "msExchPoliciesExcluded", Array("{26491CFC-9E50-4857-861B-0CB8DF22B5D7}")
    	WScript.Echo "Saving Changes"
    	WScript.Echo "Refreshing ADSI Cache"

    Can anyone tell me how I can mail-enable a user manually either via a script, modification of the user object via ADSIEdit or via ESM?

    Monday, June 29, 2015 8:28 AM


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