BUG REPORT: Hidden leaderboard column AttributeId doesn't show up in xbl.spa.h RRS feed

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  • This is regarding the Xbox LIVE Game Configuration Tool, for apps built for Windows Store. I'm just reporting a bug. It's easy enough to work around this issue, I'm just not fond of hardcoding values.

    Anyway, the bug is: Leaderboard columns that are hidden don't get a STATS_COLUMN_xxxxx_yyyyy_zzzzz entry in xbl.spa.h when the .gameconfig is built. I have leaderboards with one hidden column and one not hidden column. (this is because I need low score = higher rank) The column that isn't hidden has an entry in xbl.spa.h but the column that is hidden doesn't.

    I actually do use this header file (after using a program to convert it to C#, of course) so it's a minor inconvenience at best. :)

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 2:27 AM