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    Hi,have been trying to solve this for ages, but still no result.

    My problem:

    Page1.aspx -> Upload files, write some META for the files, and then push "Publish". At this point the files already have been posted, and the only things that happends is that the form-data gets written to a cookie.

    Page2.aspx -> Display thumbnails along with the provided META-data(fetch from cookie).

    Here is where my problem shows its ugly face. Since I develop for Swedish users, characters like "å","ä" and "ö" are more than likely to appear within these fields. Problem is, they won't convert properly.

    Å becomes Ã¥, Ä becomes ä and Ö becomes ö, no matter what encoding i use. I've tried with Server.Urlencode/Decode, Server.HTMLEncode/decode and even setting culture/uiculture/requestencoding/responseencoding/filencoding to the proper charset(ISO-8859-1) but still no result.

    This problem only appears along with cookies, everywhere else å ä and ö works perfectly. I have about 30 other functions for posting/reading data and this problem doesn't show up anywhere..

    I would really appreciate some help on this one, just can't get it to work.


    Daniel Modig

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009 4:26 AM