Filtering with Swedish Browser language gives odd result RRS feed

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  • Hi!
    I have seen an odd behavior when applying filtering on an English installation of MSSX and with IE 7/6 and Swedish browser language.

    Search example:
    searching on test gives you 100 documents where 50 documents have an specific metadata doctype with the value of Checklist.

    When I then try a search with:
    test doctype:"Checklist"

    I get different result with different browser language:
    English (United States)[en-us] 55 Results
    French (Canada) [fr-ca] 55 Results
    Spanish (United States) [es-us] 55 Results
    Chinese (China) [zh-cn] 55 Results
    Finnish [fi] 17 Results
    Now to the more strange ones:
    Swedish [sv] 0 Results
    Swedish [sv-SE] 0 Results
    Swedish (Finland) [sv-fi] 0 Results

    The first strange thing is that you get more hits when searching with the filter. Why where these documents not included in the first search??
    The of course why dose something with Swedish in it give you 0 result? Note that the first search without the filter gives you the exact same result.

    Stemming is on as well.

    Anyone have any idea about this?
    Findwise AB
    Wednesday, April 22, 2009 6:53 AM