Formula not working as expected.


  • I have an excel formula in a new calculated column in my PowerPivot window. It takes the Division and VName columns and determines if it should be marked IGN or keep its "Document Type" that's already been named.

    Conditions are: IF Division contains "AB" or "FG" and VNAME contains "County of" or "City of" then IGN. If not keep Doc Type already assigned.

    This mostly works except it returns every row with VNAME containing "County of" or "City of". Not just the ones with that AND AB or FG Divisions

    =IF(AND(ISERROR(SEARCH("AB", [Division])), ISERROR(SEARCH("City of",

    [VNAME]))), IF(AND(ISERROR(SEARCH("FG", [Division])),

    ISERROR(SEARCH("County of", [VNAME]))), [Document Type Helper], "IGN"), "IGN")

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013 4:15 PM


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