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  • Please help me to understand defentiton of unproteced /file/directory in FBWF.


    I have built XPE OS, have only one volume (cSmile, using CF card, NTFS fomat and included FBWF.

    In TD (in FBWF component) I added MyBackup directory to exclusion list (\Windows\MyBackup).

    I also added Registry Filter component and custom key to be persistant as per (http://blogs.msdn.com/embedded/archive/2006/11/19/registry-filter-tips.aspx)

    Once in the OS (after FBA finished) I veryfied that registry entry is persistan across reboot, I was able to add and delete.

    Then I started verifying "MyBackup" directory.

    FBWFMGR reports :



    Write thorough list of each protected volume:





    So I added some files and directories into "MyBackup" and restarted PC, all changes were there; However when I tryed deleating files/directories in "MyBackup" directory (I was not deleting "MyBackup", only the contents of it that I added), I was getting following error: "Cannot delete "name of file or directory I am trying to delete" The request is not suported"

    Bottom line i could not delete any fle or directory within "MyBackup" via mouse (R click and delete) or keyboard (hitting DEL key).


    What is interesting is that if I open CMD then i can delete via command line using DEL and RMDIR syntax.

    What am I missing, why I can not delete using mouse or keyboard?  Has anyone else had this problem?

    This is important factor, so if anyone knows anyting please let me know.


    Thank you




    Saturday, December 1, 2007 5:53 AM



    This is expected. When you delete contents are being sent to the trash can, which is protected. This is a no-no with FBWF. You have to do a shift delete to permanently delete files.


    Example found here: http://www.seanliming.com/Docs/FBWF.pdf






    Saturday, December 1, 2007 7:21 PM