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  • I developed a c# application which receive data from user and then generate and save a XML file to a physical path.

    1. User input personal information in string format in the application

    e.g.: <Name>John</Name><Gender>M</Gender>

    2. The application get images from database

    3. The application assign personal information (UserSegment) and image to an object

    4. The application serialize the object to XML

    We found that special character < is converted to &lt; and > is converted to &gt;

    We expect the output XML like this


    The following is part of my code

    Object class:

    private string saSegmentField;
    private byte[] photoField;
     public string SaSegment
            get {
                return this.saSegmentField;
            set {
                this.saSegmentField = value;
        public byte[] Photo {
            get {
                return this.photoField;
            set {
                this.photoField = value;

    Main program:

    ApplicantDetails objAppDetails = new ApplicantDetails { Applicant = new ApplicantDetailsApplicant { UserSegment = strUserInput, Photo = app.Photo } }

    XmlSerializer SerializerObj = new XmlSerializer(typeof(ApplicantDetails));

    How to prevent encoding of special characters in XML?



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  • Try custom serialisation using IXmlSerializable:


    public class ApplicantDetailsApplicant : IXmlSerializable
        public string SaSegment { get; set; }
        public byte[] Photo { get; set; }
        public XmlSchema GetSchema()
            return null;
        public void WriteXml( XmlWriter writer )
            writer.WriteStartElement( "UserSegment" );
            writer.WriteRaw( SaSegment );
            writer.WriteElementString( "Photo", Convert.ToBase64String( Photo ) );
        public void ReadXml( XmlReader reader )
            throw new NotSupportedException();


    It assumes that the user will enter good values. Maybe it is better to reconsider the approach.

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