Visual Studio (2010) Installer - Prerequisites - download from same location only works with setup.exe but not with myapp.msi - what am I missing? RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to deploy .NET 4.0 with an msi-file via visual studio installer setup project|properties|prerequisites (Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64)) -> Download prerequisites from same location as my application.

    Build works.

    I then copied all files (myapp.msi, setup.exe, DotNetFX40-folder, WindowsInstaller3_1-folder) to a network drive and tried installing program from a test-pc.

    When I try installing via myapp.msi I'm prompted to download the .NET-Framework from the internet :( <- want to install .NET directly from network drive

    When I try installing via setup.exe .NET 4.0 gets installed straight from the network drive :) <- but this I can't package along with yet another app being deployed via clickonce, so I really would like the msi-version to work (because this msi will be bundled into another clickonce setup).

    Possible ?? How ??

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    Tuesday, January 31, 2012 5:43 PM


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  • There are two things going on here in a setup project that makes an MSI setup.

    1. Setup.exe that checks for and downloads (say) the NET Framework from wherever you said in the prerequisites stuff.

    2. A separate check in the MSI file. It doesn't know whether you ran setup.exe or not, so it has a launch condition for cases where you run the MSI file separately. That URL and the message is in the Launch Conditions Properties window for the NET FW. The MSI will not download and install any prerequisites for you because some updates require updating the MSI engine, or various other things that cause issues.

    I'm not sure what the ClickOnce issue is - I believe you can just say that the ClickOnce requires NET 4.0.

    Phil Wilson
    Tuesday, January 31, 2012 8:26 PM
  • msi file is just a database, it has no the prerequisites concept in it.

    I saw you wrote that you want your this app is made as a bootstrapper, then add this bootstrapper to one ClickOnce packaged product as a Prerequisites component, right?

    We can use make the .exe as the bootstrapper's booter, the msi file is not the only file can be in the bootstrapper.

    So, I think you can use some tool like the IExpress to package the Setup project output, then you can add this self-exact file as a prerequistes and use it in your ClickOnce packaged product.





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