Architecture to isolate AI, Input, Drawing, Sound, Network from each other RRS feed

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  • I decided to write a game very similar to chess on WPF.

    I understand that better choice is XNA, but I choosed WPF to get more practice with WPF.

    But my question about arhitecture.

    I want to get some architecture solution to isolate:






    From each other.

    I readed about Entity Based Game Architecture but it hard to understand. And hard to understand how to adapt it to chess game.

    Also I reading ideas to adapt MVC pattern for game architecture, but as I can uderstand this is bad idea. Because each part should communicate with each other.

    I read some ideas in internet that good to isolate AiEngine, InputEngine, SoundEngine, Network Engin.

    But I don't know how.

    One idea is make separt parts which will communicate with each other through message.

    (Like Mediator in MVVM Light and Event Agregator in prism. May be architecture which somehow related to Unities)

    I want to know your opinion ?

    I create my super player Media Glass

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