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  • General discussion

  • This release contains updates made to protocol documents since the last release. The following documents have been added to the document set:

    SQL Server Protocol Documents

    [MS-SSSO]: SQL Server System Overview

    [MS-DSDG]: DataSet DiffGram Structure Specification


    The following known issues exist in the March, 2010 release:

    1.       Underscore characters are not always visible in code in the PDF files depending on the magnification selected by the user. Those characters are present in printed versions.

    2.       Information in a table row may split across two pages.

    3.       Table borders are not always visible depending upon the magnification selected by the user. Borders are present in printed versions of the PDF.

    4.       Cross-protocol links are only functional when the PDF files for the protocols are in the same folder.


    Note: Links in the PDFs don’t resolve in Adobe Reader 9 because Adobe has changed the default setting for view mode in Adobe Reader 9. To access links, perform the following procedure: 

    1.       In Adobe Reader 9, go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.

    2.       In the Categories list, click Documents.

    3.       Under PDF/A View Mode, change the selection from Only for PDF/A documents to Never, and click OK.

    Additional details on changing the setting can be located via the Adobe help site:

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010 9:35 PM