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    I'm playing around with making a rich text editing control based on RichEditBox.  I'm making decent progress so far, but while figuring out the text color selection UI, I'm struck by a larger point for rich text in a Metro style app.  The only other place I've seen rich text in the W8CP build is in the Windows Mail application (and I think this is an HTML editor, not rich text).  In that app, there are no text formatting controls apparent to the user; you have to invoke the app bar.  Even after doing that, there are only a few available foreground and background colors, no sub or superscript options, and no ordered list support, among other things.  RTF gives you some pretty powerful formatting capabilities, but I'm curious how much to surface to the user and where the user should be able to change the formatting.  Does anyone have any thoughts about how things like font face and color should be chosen by the user and what particular controls/designs you would choose?  Right now, I've got a toolstrip (really a horizontal stack panel) right above the RichEditBox on which I've got toggle buttons and comboboxes.

    Thursday, May 10, 2012 7:04 PM

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