• Hi I am a personal with a visual impairment in London, England.   I have worked on Windows 2003 but my computer is now being changed to Windows 2010.  I am finding this complete nightmare as 2010 is much less accessible to me. Imn particualr the ribbon is difficult to use and the size and bolness of the letterring in it cannot be changed.  And the colour contrast and visibility of icons is much worse than in the 2003 version.  I have been told that these parts of 2010 version cannot be changed and I have to use workarounds which are much slower and more difficult. Clearly microsoft did not consult people with visual impairments when making these chan ges which is really bad.  Tens of millions of people across the worls must be affected by this.  In most parts of the diversity agenda - set out so eloquently by President Obama in his recent speech commemorating Martin Luther King - we are making progress but in this we are going bacwards.backwards.
    Monday, March 17, 2014 11:33 AM

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  • Hi David,

    The MSDN Windows Desktop Development for Accessibility and Automation forum is for developers to discuss calling the Accessibility and Automation API in their own apps.

    To provide accessibility feedback on Microsoft software please see Provide Accessibility Feedback on the Microsoft Accessibility home page .

    There isn't a Windows 2010 product so I'm not sure what exactly you're having trouble with (maybe Office 2010?). All Microsoft products should respect your high contrast settings to adjust the colour contrast and visibility of the icons. The folks at our Disability Answer Desk can provide individual help on setting things up so you can use the system.


    Monday, March 17, 2014 9:11 PM