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  • I am writing a new application that uses the bing maps v7 control. I have the map in left half of the page and a set of radio buttons on the right half of the page. Everything works as expected with the exception of Safari. When I open the application in Safari, the radio buttons are not displaying. If I hide the map control, the radio buttons appear. I have tracked it down to the divs that are holding the map images, which are size beyond the main map div. These seem to be the cause for hiding the radio buttons. I have tried elevating the z-index of the radio buttons, re-ordering the elements on the page and have had no success. Any ideas?



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  • Can you show us some code in order to help you.

    Firstly, you can try to check :

    • if you set the correct charset
    • if you set the correct necessary properties on the div that hosts the map control

    Next thing is about the supported browser:

    The only supported Safari, is Safari 5 on Mac and Safari on iPhone and other devices.

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    Friday, April 8, 2011 4:41 PM