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  • An application contains the Structure statement shown here.

    Structure  MyFriend 
    	Public strName As String 
    	Public strBirthday As String
    End Structure

    I am a little unsure on how to do this.

    • Create a VB.Net Windows Form application named MyFriend_YourName. Change the name property of your form to frmMain.
    • Add the MyFriend Structure to the public class frmMain.
    • Create 2 text boxes txtName and txtBirthday, and a button with the name property changed to btnExecute and the text property changed to Execute.

    This part is done.

    • In the button click event, write a Dim statement that declares a five-element one-dimensional array of MyFriend variables. Name the array home.

    This part confuses me. I know that (o)=1 (1)=2 (2)=3 (3)=4 which equals 5 also I know somewhere I have to put -1

    not sure where.

    That is just the start of my questions.

    Thursday, February 22, 2018 9:07 PM

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