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    Hello. My name is Tim. I'm currently trying to install Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0. I'm running into a major problem. Once, I start the installation, it appears as if the software gets "disconnected", in the sense that I see "Attempting to reconnect to server"(Attempt X of 5)". I don't even know what server it's trying to connect to! .NET version 1.1xxx came with the server, I loaded 2.0xxx fine, it's just version 3.0 is giving me the problem.  This is a very frustrating issue, as I cannot continue without 3.0 being installed. I believe I meet the requirements to load .NET 3.0. It is for a server, loaded with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, with Service Pack 1. I am at a standstill and do not know how to further proceed. This server is going to be used for Office SharePoint 2007. Microsoft .NET 3.0 is a pre-req for that, and my bosses are breathing down my neck. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated. And if I omitted any information anyone needs, I can do my best to provide it. Thank you!


    P.S. I tried searching through about 5 pages of the "Installation of .NET 3.0 problems" - related forum pages, with no luck, so I apologize if there is already a similar article that is posted.

    Tuesday, April 1, 2008 9:06 PM


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