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  • I'm running Win 7 x64 RTM and Visual Studio 2008 SP1. Ideally I would install SQL Server 2008 Developer x64 AND SQL Server 2008 Express x64, however SQL Server Express 2008 x64 does not integrate with Visual Studio 2008 the way it should, even after trying the KB957944 Hotfix.

    Since the ideal doesn't work I've tried Win7 x64, VS 2008 SP1 and SQl Server 2008 Express x86 using en_sql_server_2008_express_with_advanced_services_x86.exe. Of course this tells me I need to install SQL Server SP1 (as does any SQL install on Win7 x64). So, I attempt to install SQL Express 2008 SP1 using en_sql_server_2008_express_sp1_x86.exe. I select the add features to an existing install rather than a new install and get registry error message early in the install process, but the install goes ahead to completion and tells me there are arrors. Using SSMS the engine reports 10.1600 rather than 10.2531.

    Uninstalling SQL and going with the en_sql_server_2008_express_sp1_x86.exe installer gives me a good install, but without SSMS, trying to then install en_sql_server_2008_express_with_advanced_services_x86.exe fails because I have to be able to select a new component to add, but all of the available choice where arleady installed. Grrrr
    1. What does it take (what are the steps) to get SQ 2008 Express, with advanced services, and SQL SP1 installed on Win 7 x64?
    2. Will the x64 edition of SQL Express and Visual Studio 2008 integration issue(s) be resolved?
    3. Why isn't the current SQL 2008 Express SP1 named en_sql_server_2008_express_WITH _sp1; or better yet be available just as the SP instead of the whole engine install and SP?
    4. Why does the Express edition install have fail over cluster option? Is this really available with the Express edition (I'm afraid to even try with all the other problems I've had with the express installs)?
    I've had these same problems on two different machines. WTF?

    Monday, October 19, 2009 12:02 AM