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  • Hey all,

    We're using Sharepoint 2010 and want to migrate a external WIKI system (dokuwiki) into it. One of the requirements is that the users need to have the function to insert math symbols. Today they're using for doing that in their existing dokuwiki - wiki:


    A_i &=& RR \cdot RL \cdot L d \pi \\
    mit \quad D&\approx& d \nonumber\\
    \frac{A_{a}}{A_i}&=& \frac{ 2 \cdot\left(\frac{L}{LT}-1\right) \cdot \left(RT_h \cdot RT_v - \frac{D^2 \pi}{4}\right)}{L \cdot D \pi}\\
    mit \quad \frac{L}{LT} &>>& 1\nonumber\\
    \frac{A_{a}}{A_i}&=& \frac{ \frac{2}{LT} \cdot \left(RT_h \cdot RT_v - \frac{D^2 \pi}{4}\right)}{D \pi}

    If you use the code above and paste them in the website below you will see what they get:



    I know that within Office 2010 there is a way to generate this, but we want to have it inside of the WYSING Editor in Sharepoint.


    Is there any known webpart available? Can we use the free available LATEX js therefore? (if last, how is the procedure of inserting them into the editor)?


    Thanks in advance,



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  • Hi,


    I could not find a web part to display equation editor, you may create a custom web part programmatically.

    Xue-Mei Chang
    Thursday, October 20, 2011 8:07 AM