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    I am developing native wifi usb driver for my network adapter (Operating System: Windows 7 && NDIS Version: 6.0). Presently I am implenting Wifi Protected setup, push button is working fine.

    In the connect wizard only push button is displayed apart from network key, Why It is not asking WPS PIN?

    What has to be done in the driver for WPS PIN to work? What OIDs has to be implemented? 

    Thanks in Advance... 

    Friday, October 26, 2012 10:11 AM


  • If you see the WPS push-button GUI, then congratulations, your miniport is doing its job.  Windows determines whether to show the push-button GUI or the PIN GUI based on the exact response that comes back from the AP.  So there's no OID that you need to implement to make PIN work; that's all taken care of at a higher level of the protocol stack.

    For more information on how Windows selects the GUI, read my reply here.

    The WLK has specific tests for WPS support.  These tests automatically cover a bunch of corner cases, and are a more thorough and reliable way to determine if your miniport is correctly implementing WPS.  While it's always good to sanity-check the end-user scenario using the built-in GUI, I do suggest you do the bulk of your testing with the WLK if you aren't already.

    One thing to note: some APs will advertise different capabilities in their Probe Response vs their Beacon.  (This is due to some ambiguities in the WSC specification, unfortunately).  If the Probe Response disagrees with the Beacon, then Windows takes a most-recent-message-wins approach.  So if you are testing against one of those APs, then how you collect and indicate up the beacons and probe responses could affect which GUI Windows will display.  That explains why some other WLAN adapter might give you different results than your WLAN adapter.  But this should be rare; I believe that most APs just use push-button in all cases.

    Friday, October 26, 2012 9:01 PM