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  • I have an MFC application which cross compiles between desktop Windows and WinMobile (maybe 10% of the code is platform specific).  I would like to add gesture support and wonder how compatible the APIs are between the two.  Looking at the raw headers (gesture.h and winuser.h):

    Windows Mobile 6.5

    #define GID_BEGIN                       1

    #define GID_END                         2

    #define GID_PAN                         4

    #define GID_SCROLL                      8

    #define GID_HOLD                        9

    #define GID_SELECT                      10

    #define GID_DOUBLESELECT                11

    #define GID_LAST                        11

    Windows 7

    #define GID_BEGIN                       1

    #define GID_END                         2

    #define GID_ZOOM                        3

    #define GID_PAN                         4

    #define GID_ROTATE                      5

    #define GID_TWOFINGERTAP                6

    #define GID_PRESSANDTAP                 7

    #define GID_ROLLOVER                    GID_PRESSANDTAP

    It appears that Rotate and Zoom aren't supported on WM6.5 and Scroll isn't on Win7. 

    Er, is this true, and does that mean that gestures really aren't very compatible across Win7/WM6.5, and I would need to drop down to using the lower level WM_TOUCH interface to be cross platform compatible?

    Friday, October 23, 2009 5:49 PM


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