Device Driver INF Verification Test Fails - HCK Win 8.1 Cert Testing RRS feed

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  • I've gone through all the available troubleshooting to remedy this test failure without luck. This is the final certification test in the suite, and we're stuck with:

    The FullDriverInf parameter was either not provided or the file does not exist. 
    FullDriverInf = 'C:\Windows\Inf\'.File: Line: -1Error Text: Error 0x00000000

    Restarted the HCK studio, restarted the client, reinstalled the hardware driver, retested in multiple scenarios, changed the state of HCK studio (ready->not ready->ready) 

    After examining the logs, the [WDKInfPath] parameter is definitely not getting set properly (to oem19.inf) to the INF file that DOES exist in C:\windows\INF on the client machine. Is there a config/registry setting you can set to force WDKInfPath to pick this up?? Thanks!

    Tuesday, August 15, 2017 1:40 AM