Implementing Video Preview of Web Cam Stream


  • I am trying to Implement Video Preview Using 

    StartPreviewOperation^ StartPreviewToCustomSinkAsync(  MediaEncodingProfile^ encodingProfile, 

      IMediaExtension^ customMediaSink)

    Here Second Argument is customMediaSink. Do I need to Implement Custom Media Sink ???
    If Yes then How to Create it and what type media sink I need to create.
    It has interface to create Custom Sink.But I didn't find  IMediaExtension Interface there.
    We need Some Control to Render Video preview on the WinRT UI.
    What Control I need to use for it.Will Media Player or Media lement Can be used there ?
    How the Control is related with with Custom Media Sink ?
    I am Asking Lot of Question  here , becuz I am Totally new Video and Audio Rendering through WebCam.
    Help Me to Implement Video Preview for metro App.

    Friday, November 18, 2011 6:54 PM


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