Bulk User Provisioning-What is the best practice? RRS feed

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    I am working on a scenario, where  I get an order request for provisioning from an UI ,which I need to submit to OHSBE . OHSBE and Service Logic in turn do the following steps:

    1.Create Session.

    2.Create OU/Group/User on CSF AD.

    3.Create Profile on CSF PM.

    4. Call the back end VAS for doing the necessary provisioning steps (with the help of Service Logic).


    The above steps are a part of the single user provisioning scenario.


    Now, I also have a scenario where I need to perform a bulk  user provisioning. UI will upload an excel containing 100s of user information who need to be provisioned. Internally , the above steps need to be performed for each user.

    I want to understand,in such a scenario,what is the recommended best practice for bulk user provisioning? Do I need to split the bulk user provisioning order request to individual order request and submit to OHSBE in a loop? Or can I skip the OHSBE itself and have a custom SBE that in turn, creates a session and submits the order requests  to service logic in a loop? Please help.



    Monday, June 9, 2008 6:05 AM