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  • We are using the following SET options in Oracle. I need to convert the same Oracle script to SQL server script which have the following SET options.

    SET ECHO OFF     /*to suppress SQL queries in the output file*/

    SET VERIFY OFF   /* will show before and after substitution variables*/

    SET TRIMSPOOL ON    /* will remove trailing spaces from spooled output*/

    SET TRIMOUT ON    /* will remove trailing spaces from output*/

    SET LINESIZE 9999  /* width of page (80 is typical)  */

    SET LONG 9999  /* Sets maximum width (in bytes) for displaying LONG, CLOB, NCLOB and XML Type values; and for copying LONG values.*/

    SET LONGCHUNKSIZE 9999    /* Sets the size (in bytes) of the increments in which SQL*Plus retrieves a LONG, CLOB, NCLOB or XML Type value.*/

    SET PAGESIZE 0   /* Sets the number of lines in each page*/

    SET FEEDBACK OFF   /* It won’t displays the number of records returned by a script when a script selects at least n records. It also turns off the statement confirmation messages such as 'Table created' and 'PL/SQL procedure successfully completed' that are displayed after successful SQL or PL/SQL statements.*/

    SET TIMING OFF    /* Controls the display of timing statistics.*/

    SET TIME OFF    /* Controls the display of the current time.*/

    SET COLSEP    /* In iSQL*Plus, SET COLSEP determines the column separator character to be printed between column output that is rendered inside <PRE> tags. Sets the text to be printed between selected columns */

       Can you please tell me, what are the options used for the above SET options in SQL Server?

    Thank in Advance.

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