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  • Hello,

    My game team just recently moved to VS2017 but I've been one of the few that is having issues with the transition. When I install VS17, I select to install "VC++ 2017 version 15.8 v14.15 latest v141 tools" but when I look in my project properties, under "Platform Toolset" it says "Visual Studio 2017 (v141) (not installed)". The VS installer doesn't report any errors while installing. It completes but v141 still says it's not installed. I cannot run the game using Visual Studio 2017 at all because of this.

    I've tried just about everything I can think of. I've uninstalled and reinstalled VS2017. I've uninstalled and reinstalled v141 tools multiple times. I've deleted my entire build folder and rebuilt everything from scratch. I've scoured just about every article I could find from google on this. Nothing is helping.

    Here are the workloads that I have selected to install:

    Universal Windows Platform Development (Required by Xbox One)
    .NET Desktop Development
    Desktop Development with C++
    Game Development with C++
    Linux Development with C++ (Required for debugging/working with our Linux platform)
    Under the "Individual Components" tab at the top:
    .Net > .NET 4.6.1 and .NET 4.6.2 Targetting Pack and SDK
    SDKs, libraries, and frameworks > Windows 8.1 SDK (Another Xbox One requirement)

    Please help! Thank you in advance.

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    Wednesday, September 5, 2018 10:05 PM

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  • I managed to get PS4 working now with VS17, but still having issues with XB1. I uninstalled/reinstalled the XDK we're supposed to be on and still nothing works. Because PS4 works, I suspect this has to do with the Microsoft XDK more so than VS17 itself.
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  • Not sure if anybody actually cares or not (this post hasn't seen any action) but in case this helps someone, I found the problem. I needed to uninstall all 10+ older XDKs I had installed before installing the new XDK in order to get the props files to show up in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional\Common7\IDE\VC\VCTargets\Platforms\Durango folder.

    Keep in mind that simply uninstalling the new XDK and reinstalling it didn't have any effect. I literally had to uninstall every single XDK first to get it to work.

    Now, I can run XB1 via VS17 and all is well.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 5:27 PM
  • That fixed my problem, thank you.

    I am upgrading to VS2017 for XBox One development and have been getting error MSB8006 with the claim that the platform "Durango" is invalid. This seems to have something to do with ".props" files.

    We've previously been using VS2015 and multiple prior XDK's. After uninstalling all the XDK's and then reinstalling the latest XDK the problem went away. I do sometimes see messages about being unable to resolve Microsoft.Xbox.Services but then the build (which does include calls to Xbox Live services) succeeds.

    Friday, November 16, 2018 12:52 AM