Intel H264 Encoder MFT Problems on Win 7 RRS feed

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    I'm trying to get the Intel Quick-Sync H.264 Encoder MFT to work on Windows 7.   I've discovered that it doesn't work with a SinkWriter,  the error I eventually get while pushing samples to the SinkWriter is MF_E_UNEXPECTED( 0xC00D36BB ).  I'd like to get the encoder working in isolation first and then build up to hooking it to a MPEG4Sink to write to a file.

    Anyway,  I'm running into a problem with the first step of creating a instance of the encoder and verifying that the eventing mechanism will work.   When I call GetEvent() I get a Access Violation with the following call stack :

    mfplat.dll!MFTRACE_MEDIA_EVENT_IMPL( unsigned long, unsigned long, struct IMFMediaEvent * ) <---- Access Violation Here
    mfplat.dll!CMFMediaEventGenerator::GetEvent( unsigned long, struct IMFMediaEvent * * )
    mfplat.dll!CMFMediaEventQueue::GetEvent( unsigned long, struct IMFMediaEvent * * )
    EventCrash.exe!main() Line 92

    Here is a link to the code I used to get this far. 

    I verified that this code works fine on Windows 10 with no crash.

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  • I did end up getting past this crash by using BeginGetEvent() instead of GetEvent(),  for whatever reason the Intel Encoder MFT on this machine likes the BeginGetEvent()/EndGetEvent()/IMFAsyncCallback pattern.

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