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  • is this possible?? and if so how??


    thank you

    Thursday, September 15, 2011 5:56 AM

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  • You can always do a dual boot. You need to have two partitions in your drive (or maybe two physical hard drives)

    Run the W8/WDP setup on boot (boot from disc). Continue as usual (and it looks almost exactly like the w7 setup) and when you reach that point when it asks if you want to "Upgrade" or do a "custom install" do the custom install... now, you will be presented with a list of your drives (and partitions), select a partition that is NOT where you W7 is installed (usually it's drive C) after you select a different drive, proceed with install...

    When it starts up, W8/WDP will initially load. Don't panic, just wait for it. You will then be presented with a fancy new OS selector, which lists "Windows Developer Preview" and "Windows 7", of course a link at the bottom links to some settings where you can select how long to wait for you to select before it will auto select the default selection, and also which OS would be the default.

    If you select WDP to be your default, it will boot up and present this same OS selector on boot. If you select W7, you will be presented with the "classic" text based OS selector (Windows Boot Manager) with W7 selected on default.

    There you go! You just dual booted your computer!

    Of course, you can do an upgrade install and it will install WDP and either import your files and setting (and stuff) or if you select "Keep Nothing" it will copy your previous OS installation (W7) to folder named Windows.old where you will find all your files in your drive C.

    If you do dual boot and got tired of it, you can remove WDP by booting to W7, run msconfig and then on the boot option, delete the entry for WDP, and you'll be set! Just make sure you also delete the files in that drive/partition where you installed WDP.

    EDIT: I did this myself, so I am very sure of this.
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  • Here is how i did from start to end.

    - I split my HDD in to 2 partition.

    - Downloaded Win8 preview .ISO

    - Used the following tool to make a bootable USB


    - Set "Show a list of avalible OS" In system properties -> Advance properties -> Startup and Recovery settings, and set Windows 7 as primary OS.

    - Set USB as primary boot in BIOS

    - Selected the Advanced/Custom/Whatever it's called Installation.

    - Selected, and installed on to my newly created partition

    - Unplugged the USB after installation ended, and selected "Windows Developer Preview" from the boot list.


    Hope this can help :)

    Thursday, September 15, 2011 6:17 AM
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  • infernomage wrote:

    is this possible?? and if so how??

    Use VirtualBox to install it as a guest OS into a virtual hard drive.
    Much cleaner than mucking with partitions, dual boot, etc.


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