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  • Running Windows 8 for 2 days now on a pc.

    I am running a dual monitor setup with 1 normal screen and one multi touch screen. You need to have the monitors attached to the correct hardware ports, otherwise you touch the touch screen but it acts on the normal screen. Could not get it to work right by changing the software switch monitor or set as primary monitor. I think it is very nice that the metro start screen doesn't span multiple monitors, but this also makes it look like the start screen is just a replacement for the old start menu. Might be nice to allow users to have big sized tiles on their other screens. For example a 15x15cm weather app or something like that. It now feels like the start menu is just replaced by the metro tiles. (This is not the case when running with one monitor, a touch enabled laptop or tablet, because than the metro screen is your only screen)

    When installing visual studio 11 I get tiles that I don't want, takes me a lot of time to remove those tiles. I don't want tiles for the help stuff when I never use that. It feels like it adds too much spam, I want this to be clean. How do I multi select and delete? Or can you make it so it always asks when tiles > 1 'This program tries to install multiple tiles, check which ones you don't want' or something like that

    When I am reading tweets, Facebook, browsing the web, all the stuff I would also do on my ipad. Than tiles are great. I don't want to be in desktop mode than. super! But... I would really like to have a start menu when in classic/desktop mode and when I am using classic/non-metro programs. Or a search for the program you want box, like in windows 7 might also be enough. For example: when running visual studio I needed to do something in my command prompt. I don't want to have a tile for command prompt, because I never use that in metro mode. Took me some time fighting with the windows icon button to figure out it doesn't got the classic menu. So the only way I could now do run/cmd.exe is by pressing windows key + R and typing cmd. I know that shortcut but an average user using desktop style apps should not need to know that shortcut.

    Not sure, but I think if I need to move in en out of desktop mode to start another desktop mode program. That's what I do now each time. Than this will start to irritate me.

    Overall I am very happy with the look and feel of windows 8 and this will only improve more and more since this is just the developer preview. At first a saw it as a big version of my windows phone 7, but when using it for a while with the touch screen it feels amazing! Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

    Design wise, it feels like Microsoft finally stopped throwing stones at apple and send out a bulldozer to crush them! Not meant as a trolling statement, but this is the only way I could express the feeling. Most of the design wise stuff just works now instead of looking like it's almost working.


    Saturday, September 17, 2011 5:52 PM