Question about virtual memory when using application verifier RRS feed

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    Dear All


      When I use application verifier to test my application. I found it will throw exception and failed. This exception is from _beginthreadex or new operation. And I get API to print memory information. I found my applicaiton will use more phy-memory and virtual memory than before when I laungh appverifier. 

      And still I found the unusal memory situation. The virtual memory will be occupied to leave only 17-18MB (without appVerifier it will leave almost 500-1000MB,) I really don't know why it uses so much virtual memory and doesn't free them.

      Please help me about this question, why it uses more virtual memory and phy-memory when launching appVerifier than without appverifier. And how I can fix this problem. Thanks a lot.

    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 3:33 AM