Boottime optimization with Busenum2 -> network drivers RRS feed

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  • Hi folks,

    I'm currently trying to improve the startup performance of my CE 6 device.

    I therefore switched to Busenum2 for driver activation and could also achieve some first time savings. I noticed another thing, wherin I see a possible issue to speed up the boot time. If you might take a look into the following debug strings:

    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\DLD took 111
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\NLed took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\TAPI took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\WAPIMAN took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\WAPIMAN_ACM took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\SIP took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\NTLMSSP_SVC took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\TrueFFS took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\credsvc took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\Netbios took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\NDIS took 704
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\MultiUserCan took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\AFD took 76
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\Ws2Serv took 51
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\PPP took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\NDISUIO took 34
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\autoras took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\NdisPower took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\Ethman took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\Serial took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\CODEC_GSM610 took 0
    Driver Drivers\BuiltIn\CODEC_MSFILTER took 0

    These are the times on each device when LoadDevice is being called. Please take a look at the time of NDIS. 704 msecs is quite much. So, I therefore thought to load NDIS asynchronously. No sooner said than done. After I'd changed the settings I noticed the following thing. The next network module (I think it was AFD or Ws2Serv) took about 700 msecs longer.

    Are there any dependencies among these modules? Did you discover similar behaviours? And if so, are there maybe potentials to reduce this time.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Monday, May 7, 2012 3:43 PM